2020 Fall fundraising Event - On Line Card Raffle
3 Baskets - scroll to see all


Winners of the Fundraising Raffle are:

Basket one: 3 of diamonds – Debbie Allardyce
Basket two: Jack of Clubs – Christine burton
Basket three: King of Diamonds – Bonnie Ault

Thank you to Shirley Bell who did the draw for us using a card shuffler machine.

Basket raffle of items donated. Cards chosen / purchased from deck of cards for $5.00 each.
Raffle ends November 30th 2020, one card will be drawn from each deck of cards.

Bid on the cards for the basket you want. You may choose a card if not already taken or ask for random. As the cards are purchased your name will be added to the card.

Proceeds of this online auction will be dispersed after expenses as follows: 
30% to Boxer Rescue Canada, 20% to the BCCI Fundraising budget, 50% to Boxer Club of Canada

Send funds stating your choice of cards and basket number to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Basket #1

Basket 1

Bag of Fruitable Treats
Covered Cat Bowl
Navy Blue Fleece Blanket
Blue Monkey Jacket
Carrot Toy
Shark Toy
Orange / Brown Dog Bone Collar
Green Chamois
Blue Brown Orange Fleece Jacket
Chalkmaster Dave Boxer Puppy Print
Boxer Planter
Blue Collar
Twisted Blue Throw Toy
Hedgehog Toy
Brown Felt Dog
Stuffed Boxer Puppy Toy
Wort Hog Toy
Black Boxer Mug
The Boxer Book by Anne Katherin Nicholas
$25.00 Petsmart Gift Card
2 Boxer Rescue Cards
Blue Cuz Toy
Boxer Welcome Magnet
1 Pkg Bully Sticks
2 Paw Picture Mats
2 Small Boxer Figurines
Metal Beware of Boxer Sign
Here Comes Santa Claus Book
2 Boxer Halloween Cards
Large Brown Paw Print Crate Pad
I Love My Boxer Magnet
Boxers Rule Magnet
Boxer Bumper Sticker
1 Custom Covid-19 Mask


Basket #2

Basket 2

DannyQuest Puddle of Puppies
Pink Fleece Blanket
Pink Jacket
Pink Collar
Watermelon Toy
Wort Hog Toy
Suede Donut Toy
Moose Toy
Covered Cat Bowl
Pink Wet Coat
Stuffed Boxer Puppy Toy
Green Lizard Toy
Chalkmaster Dave Horse Print
Chalkmaster Dave Sleeping Boxer Puppy
Boxers by Ivor Ward-Davies
Love Has No Limits book (multiple authors)
Boxer Mug
Small Sandicast Boxer
Green Collar
Boxer Welcome Magnet
Boxer Gift Wrap
If You Obey All The Rules Card
Take Me Home Today Card
Huge Peanut Butter Dog Treat
2 Tims Gift Cards
2 Starbucks Gift Cards
Kiss Your Dog Daily Magnet
Believe in the Power of Dog Magnet
2 Boxer Rescue Cards
Boxer Bumper Sticker
2 Boxer Halloween Cards
If It's Not A Boxer Then It's Not a Dog Decal


Basket #3

Basket 3

Large Brown Crate Pad
Custom Covid-19 Mask
$25.00 Pet Value Gift Card
Breeding Dogs to Win - (signed by author: Dr. Carmelo Battalia)
7 x 8 foot Silver Shade Mesh Screen
Boxer Gate Keeper Sign
Purple Chamois
Purple and Blue Blanket
Covered Dog Bowl
Wort Hog Toy
Stuffed Boxer Puppy Toy
Striped Toy
2 Boxer Halloween Cards
My Best Friend Is A Boxer Decal
Chalkmaster Dave Boxer Card
Chalkmaster Dave Puppy Print
Hug Peanut Butter Dog Treat
Boxer Puppy Figurine
Grey Felt Dog
Red Lobster Toy
Red Jacket
2 Boxer Rescue Cards
Boxer Welcome Magnet
Fur Baby Picture Holder
Twisted Green Throw Toy
Green Collar
Purple Collar
Boxer Bumper Sticker
Boxer Mug
Purple Icy Cool Towel
Book of Boxers by Dr. Ackerman


If you wish to donate to our fundraisers please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.